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DEHA با فرمول شيميايي C4H11NO در مواد شيميايي تصفيه آب براي كنترل خوردگي در بويلرها كاربرد دارد و به

خاطر خواص اكسيژن زدايي بسيار موثر است . ميزان سميت آن به نسبت هيدرازين بسيار كمتر است .

در اتيل ؛ كلروفرم ؛ بنزن و حلال هاي عالي ديگر قابل حل مي باشد . تحت شرايط نرمال پايدار است .

اين ماده در صورت واكنش با ازون به دي متيل آمين تبديل مي شود



Appearance: A colourless to pale yellow transparent liquid, available as 98% DEHA and also as 85% solution in water.
Physical Properties
Empirical Formula C4H11NO
Structural Formula
Molecular Wt ۸۹٫۱
DEHA 98% DEHA 85% Soln
Sp. Gr. at 20°C ۰٫۸۵۵ – ۰٫۸۷۵ ۰٫۸۹۵ – ۰٫۹۰۵
Refractive Index ۱٫۴۱۸ – ۱٫۴۲۰ ۱٫۴۱۸ – ۱٫۴۲۰
Boiling Point ۱۲۴ to 126°C ۹۴ to 96°C
Freezing Point -۲۵ to -27°C below 0°C
Flash Point (Closed Cup) below 45°C ۴۵ to 47°C
Solubility in water Forms two layers for conc. from 33 to 87 wt%
DEHA 98% DEHA 85% Soln
Purity as DEHA (wt. %) ۹۸٫۰۰ min. ۸۵٫۰۰ min.
Water Content (% by wt.) ۱۵٫۰۰ max.
Ethylamines (% by wt.) ۰٫۵ max. ۰٫۰۵ max.
IMDG Class ۳
UN Code No. ۱۹۹۳
Packing Group III
CAS No. ۳۷۱۰-۸۴-۷

Application Areas:

Water Treatment
DEHA is used in Water Treatment Chemical Formulations for controlling corrosion in boiler very effectively due to its property of oxygen scavenging.It scoresover conventional hydrazine hydrate since it is far less toxic and meets the standard for disposal of blow offs without any difficulty giving a good protection against corrosion at the same time.

DEHA’s powerful free radical scavenging ability coupled with its moderate volatility and relatively low order of acute toxicity makes it an ideal “popcorn Polymer “/ vapour phase inhibitor for olefins or styrene monomer storage & recovery system.Because of its capability of inhibiting polymerization in the gas phase, DEHA is finding use as an in-process inhibitor for the production of styrene, divinylbenzene, butadiene, isoprene and other monomers containing a reactive double bond.

Photographic Chemicals
DEHA has reducing property, so it is used as an auxiliary chemical photographic developer for instant colour photos. Also, DEHA is effective in stabilization of image and in the prevention of discolouration.

Phenol and Phenolic antioxidants can be decolourised with DEHA.

DEHA can be used as a colour stabiliser of monoalkyl phenol.

Silicon Rubber
DEHA can be used as a raw material for the hardener of the Silicon Sealant and coating agent.

Can be stored and handled in equipment made of stainless steel of Type SS304 or SS316 or steel lined with glass, polypropylene or polyethylene. Storage in mild steel equipment or containers is not recommended. DEHA drums should be stored in a cool and well ventillated area, away from sources of ignition.
Forms two layers for concerntration from 33 to 87 wt %.


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